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Born Oxford, England 1959,  harboured delusions of artistic grandeur ever since but has finally realised that the most significant art forms of the 20th century are Eccles Cakes, Arsenal F.C  and John Lee Hooker's snakeskin boots. 

for the whole sad truth see worldofsdb


Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker
Jeff Graham - Big Bright Day
T. Griffin - Tortuga 
Tom House - 'Til you've seen mine
Tim Easton -They will bury you ep.
Spokane - Leisure and other songs
Gini Dodds - Mellowdrama
Randy Weeks - Madeline
Tommy Womack- Positively na na


F.S.R. patron saint after providing the shoes with room to breathe. Lives in Paris where he translates and helps singer-songwriters all ovcer the world. Visit his groovy site! Join his wicked lists....
http://www.multimania.com/songwriters , e-home of David Olney, Eric Taylor and Tom House
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http://www.multimania.com/murphy, e-home of Elliott Murphy
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Elliott Murphy, Night Lights (1976)

Bruce Springsteen, Born to run (1975)

Tim Buckley, Dream Letter (Live in London 1968)

Eric Taylor, Eric Taylor (1995)

David Olney, High Wide and Lonesome (1995)

Bod Dylan, Blood on the Tracks (1975)

Mickey Newbury, Nights when I'm Sane (1994)

Tom Waits, Nighthawks at the Diner (1975)

Lyle Lovett, Step inside this House (1998)

Guy Clark, Keepers (1997)


Tim Buchanan is a storyteller and musician. Moved from Warrick County, Indiana, to Nashville where he has continued to work with the elderly and mentally challenged as well as playing with old-timey /alt-country band Tombstone Trailerpark who have released four fine cd's -Tired of Talkin', 'Lawnchair Watchtower','Come on Down' and latest 'Earth Against Your Skin'. He has articles published and a spoken word disc out - 'Budda Bait Castin'.


John Coltrane- the bethlehem years

John Hartford- Live from Mountain Stage

Element 115

Tito Puente- Live at Birdland

Lies Damned Lies- Lamentations

Jeff Graham- Big Bright Day

Creed- Human Clay

Barbarito Torres- Havana Cafe

Thomas Merton- He's Plenty Near

The Chieftains- Water from the well

Rex- 3

DOUG HOEKSTRA is currently about to release his fourth disc 'Across the Margins'

His previous recordings are When the tubes begin to glow 1994( Back Porch Music)
Rickety Stairs 1996 ( Back Porch Music) and Make me Believe 1999 (One Man Clapping/Roundtower))

1. Punishing Kiss - Ute Lemper
 German chantreuse does songs of Brecht/Weill, Waits, Elvis Costello, Philip Glass, and Nick Cave.  Great stuff - particularly stunning is the haunting Cave-penned "Little Water Song"
2. Urban Suite - Leonardo
A guitar-slinging folk poet from Chicago worth checking out.  Favorite track - "Nelson & Simone", a story of the romance of the Chicago author (Algren) and the French feminist/philosopher (DeBeauvoir).  Check out www.leonardomusic.com
3. Innervisions - Stevie Wonder
  What can you say?  A classic from '73 that sounds like NOW!   Prince before there was Prince!
4. Fulfillingness' First Finale - Stevie Wonder
  This man is/was amazing!  Another outstanding record from just a year later - '74. 
5. Wasp Star Apple Venus Volume 2 - XTC
 Messrs. Partridge and Moulding with another fine effort.  Hooks-a-plenty.  "I'm stupidly happy...."
6. Sao Paulo Confessions - Suba
Classic Jobim and Jobim-esque Brazilian music with beats and samples and "landscapes" infused into the music.  Beautiful and contemporary.   When I was in Austin for SXSW, my rental car had a CD player, so I bought this and let it play endlessly.  Still on the "picks" list by the player.  On the Six Degrees Records label.
7.  Burning Bush - Andrew Robb
 A good friend from Chicago and one of the most original musician/songwriters I've had the pleasure to meet and work with.  He's done several cassette releases and this is his first CD.  I won't compare it to anything, because I can't - but you can check it out at www.andrewrobb.com
8.  Songs for Distinque Lovers - Billie Holiday
 Classic Verve sides from Lady Day.
9. Sketches of Spain - Miles Davis w/Gil Evans
    Miles doing Spanish folk and classical pieces w/arrangements from Evans.  Very interesting hybrid.
10. John Mellencamp - "Scarecrow" and "Lonesome Jubilee"
This needs an explanation.  I played Bloomington, Indiana recently, for the first time.  My guitar playin' accompaniest Pat Meusel does this hilarious impersenation of Mr. M, singing "I'm a real good dancah".  You had to be there, but of course, we brought along some Mellencamp for the trip.  A guilty pleasure, but I think some of the "singles" like "Cherry Bomb" and "Rumbleseat" really hold up as great gutbucket rock and roll.  "I don't have to look over my shoulder to see what I'm aftah..."

Terry Clarke's website is under construction @ http://www.terryclarke.com

1        John Davis plays Blind Tom

(music of Thomas Bethune)

2        Lonnie Johnson-The Unsung Blues Legend

‘The Living Room session’

3        Dion  ‘Deja Nu’

4        East River Pipe ‘The Gasoline age’

5        Patti Smith ‘Gung Ho’

6        Van Morrison ‘Saint Dominic’s Preview’

7        Phil Haynes & Free Country (same)

8        The Dutch Jazz Orchestra

‘Portrait Of A Silk Thread-newly discovered works of Billy Strayhorn’

9        Steve Forbert ‘Evergreen Boy’

10     Ronny Elliott ‘My Nerves Are Bad Tonight’



Is an artist and acoustic guitarist from Oxfordshire now studying illustration in Wales.

1.Alvin Youngblood Hart

2.Various Nick Drake

3.Kyuss: "The circus leaves town"

4.Badlydrawn boy

5.Nightmares on wax "Car Boot Soul"

6.Ben Harper "welcome to the cruel world"

7.Bob Marley "Exodus" & "Rastaman Vibration"

8.The Tea party

9.Queen "Good old fashioned lover boy"

10.Anything by "Britney Spears"





Rev J Alfred Buckman,IOOC RBI ERA AA

Visit Camp Buckman


Mickey Newbury-Stories from the Silver Moon Cafe

Ottmar Liebert- Solo Para Ti

Dave Crossland- Molly's Street

Alison Krause- Forget About it

Counting Crows-This Desert Life

Art Farmer- Here's That Rainy Day

YoYoMa- "Solo"

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes- Hearts of Stone

Gustave Holst- The Planets

John Coltrane- My Favorite Things


Tom House
has released three discs The Neighborhood is Changing/ White Man's Burden /til you've seen mine the first two on Checkered Past records, the third on Catamount.

read Brian Lillie's review ofWhite Man's Burden in FSR#4

11. Michael Hurley "Snockgrass"

10. Richard Thompson "Henry the Human Fly" (one of my all-time favorite


9. Emmy Lou Harris "Spyboy"

8. Gillian Welch "Hell Among the Yearlings"

7. Freakwater "Springtime"

6. Hazel Dickens "It's Hard to Tell the Singer from the Song"

5. Paul Burch "Blue Notes"

4.Malcolm Holcombe "A Far Cry From Here" (Another all-time favorite)

3. David Olney "Omar's Blues"

2. Ron Whitehead "Tapping My Own Phone" (A Kentucky Poet very Beat, very

powerful storyteller)

----and at the risk of coming across as ridiculous but in truth what I've

been listening to far and away the most as we've been sequencing, getting

final mixes and mastering it the last couple of weeks:

1. Tom House "Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore" boy if i was everybody

else i'd probably hate an asshole like me but... well what can i say?