27th February 1994 my band The High Priests played the PIAO indie festival in London at which we spectacularly fell out on stage and by end of set band was over and I left for Edinburgh with my then Spanish partner Ana soon after. I have just found the original review which is interesting from a historical perspective.
This was at the apex of RIOT GIRRL and TWEE punk revolution. Indeed we supported Blood Sausage and Huggy Bear at the Archway Tavern around the same time and this connected.
I remember I refused to sing so bad was argument so Tim who could not sing at all screamed through the set and Mike Arnold the drummer just beat hell out of the drums…
The review is accurate by time we finished screaming at each other on stage the room was empty and my Harmony guitar still has scratches from hitting amp in frustration…oh joy
Here another band shot from the day in spot we combusted 🙂
Here a photo from the gig and details. Mambo Taxi, PIAO Festival, Hammersmith, 27 February 1994.
© Greg Neate
Unseen neate photo from PIAO Festival organised 30 years ago by the band, Linus.
A photo of Delia Sparrow from this gig appears in the book Untypical Girls by Sam Knee .

By Shaun Belcher

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