I started recording to tape back in the early 1980s. In fact my friend Stephe still has an ancient reel to reel that when we tried to get working still had a recording of one of my songs on. From there I progressed to recording on an AKAI reel to reel which I inherited from my friend Pete Astor when he left it under the stairs at a house we both lived in round the corner from KONK studios Crouch End London.


From there I moved on to a borrowed then a broken fostex.

Then a minidisc recorder come the millenium. I been through three now all broke eventually. The Sony separate deck still going thankfully.

Since then I have recorded on to PC and mac direct but prefer analogue at first.


Then a friend in the USA sent me a professional TOA 8-track cassette recorder (a super fostex) and I used that quite a lot.


So the picture above top to bottom shows a new replacement AKAI reel to reel from mid 1980s (newer than model I broke from 70s) and reconditioned so works quite well although a bit noisy.

The TOA deck.

A recently acquired technics amp.

A VHS digital sound in which records really well just sound.

The original sony minidisc deck

A technics dubbing cassette deck.


By Shaun Belcher

Sing, rant and scribble

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