From the mid 1980s I recorded a lot on fostex X-15 4-track with one broken channel so effectively 3 Track. I have never been able to use those tapes since Fostex finally broke about 10 years ago. Today I found a way of re-recording two of the three tracks which frankly most of what I recorded anyway. I literally did not remember making this tape at all. The only change before I upload to bandcamp is the original title Pillbox Moon which was an arbitrary title at time. So May 1994…recorded in a small loft flat in Barons Court London I guess. Recorded after meeting a Spanish girl and before disappearing to Edinburgh. Post indie dreams americana ..short stories rather than songs really…striking how literary..even has the ghost of Raymond Carver making an appearance.

Listening I can hear the ghost of the Go-Betweens too. I remember seeing Robert Forster solo whilst making this… fact it was 14th August 1993 at the Orange, Kensington. (internet provided that not memory). I also had been to see a gig at The Weavers featuring Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock and met the owner of Roundtower records who sent me some Tom  Russell cds.

I managed to play the two unpanned fostex tracks into a TOA mixer/tape recorder which enabled me to pan the material properly as intended. Any three track recordings are lost but honestly I probably never used the third channel much ( 4 being kaput). My belated thanks to Tim Brown of the Poetry Library where I had worked and who gave me the original slightly knackered Fostex. It took me a long time to break it ;-).



By Shaun Belcher

Sing, rant and scribble

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