These tracks collect together some album tracks and demos by some artists who visited Trailer and left these recordings…..

thanks to all and please visit their respective websites for further information…

all songs copyright individual artists

words by Trailer…

First off Joanna Hudson and Pink Moon from Nottingham with a splendid Scarecrow’s Grave.

Claudia Scott

Two versions of The Devil’s House.


Steve Roberts

Imagine John Lennon fronting Big Star and you get close to Mr Roberts…sublime power pop genius…

Cole Cullen

There are obscure legends and then there is Cole….part Timothy Leary..part Robert Johnson..

Bob Cheevers

talking of legends..looks like General Custer , sings like a groovier Memphis Willie Nelson…say no more…this splendid track is available on Bob’s One Man One Martin CD…go get it..

Desdemona Finch

In 2007, she ran out of words and began co-writing with only the dead, distant and too famous. it proved liberating and freed up a few words in 2009. her latest “songcycle” entitled, “discourses with the dead and distant” feature several co-writes with W.H. Auden, Trailer Star and Dolly Parton.

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