2001 – 2006

So good he died twice.The strange tale of the late great Thames Valley Country Blues artist.. Born in a thunderstorm somewhere in the middle of the Thames Valley sometime before the fifties ended and the sixties started swinging ‘Trailer Star’ was known as the ‘Legendary Thames Valley Cowboy’. His career abruptly short when his pick-up truck left a blind bend one frosty night on the downs near his trailer. But I could not let the story end there and his ghost continues to play. Trailer Star lives in his late great form and I continue to release his collected works on the internet through the official Trailer Star archives at various sites Trailer Star’s ghost is now the fictional host from the Trailer Star Lounge of an Americana podcast Flyinshoes Radio which comes out roughly every two weeks and can be downloaded from itunes etc. Maybe one day Trailer will feature in his own novel/film but for now thanks for listening and please consider purchasing the Moon Over The Downs tribute as all proceeds go to Cancer Research UK. Shaun Belcher ( executor of the Trailer Star estate) Meanwhile enjoy this site dedicated to the legendary Trailer Star… born in a thunderstorm….bluer than the clouds when they’re crying…


The album certainly holds its head high with any other number of other,  more orthodox, tribute albums and rarely betrays its DIY origins and the haste with which it was assembled. The quality of the songs and performances are certainly worth hearing for their own sake, but spending money on the album also gives the bonus of helping with cancer research.

Steven Wilcock – Triste Magazine

One of the most beautiful Americana records that have been released over this past year is without any doubt this captivating album.The 15 tracks are 15 beautiful songs, which, in spite of their diversity,constitute one coherent whole. They paint a picture of the darkish,Twin Peaks-like world of Trailer Star.

Bert Van Kesssel – Insurgent Country Germany

I could go on and on about the quality of this record so please do yourself a favour and go out and buy the damn thing! To sum up ,a quote from ‘The Lynton Flood’ sung by Kevin Meisel ‘Nobody knew where the water came from on that fateful day.’Then again any quote from any song would sum this superb compilation.Trailer Star= Five Star.”

David Tonberg – Medicine Music Reviews

“.. a brand new charity album for Cancer Research featuring 14 tracks by some of the best americana talent in the world todayincluding Cicero Buck and Bob Cheevers ”


“..there’s nothing here to have you press the skip button and several warrant hefty use of the repeat. Old Trailer would have been darn proud”

Mike Davies Netrhythms 2003.

“Well, the CD is much much better than I thought it would be. The only thing that might be better is a fresh basket of homegrown tomatoes.”Marq, Texas Music Kitchen .

“This is a highly original, musically diverse and very listenable charity album with partial proceeds to go to Cancer Research UK.”

* * * (out of 4) Maverick Magazine .

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