Today I finished adding my entire catalogue to this website.

Through an industrious mix and mash of elements from wordpress, ning and twitter I have a fully functional always on player driven catalogue that I can never charge for.. so what’s the point?

Well I believe and research by others backs it up that the old product driven recording industry is dead.

This is what I think the future will look like. All recordings available all the time and no spotify/last fm/mog whatever badging and branding and advertising. If I can do it anybody can. How will artists survive well not by selling CD’s , books or any other ‘hard’ copy but by creating online ‘presence’ and basically building up a global, personally driven online environment which includes (next step folks..not there yet) online streaming…..the tools are there just a matter of time before available for all…..and as for recording..that’s another blog post:-)

By Shaun Belcher

Sing, rant and scribble

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