A box of songs…..Grist to the Mill

So there’s a box of songs…first drafts..snippets.dream written nonsense..but there is something…. After the last few years that an achievement in itself. Without quoting Reg Dwight I still standing and…

Top Ten Cassette Tapes

As part of the lockdown there been a meme on facebook of posting record sleeves. This a variant based on old cassette tapes instead…these were my selection.

Bar 71 Rehearsal videos

I played a support slot to the lovely King of Rome at Bar 71 last night here the rehearsal tapes…. I wll post photos of actual gig if any appear.

Revamped Studio and new song

New Year, new studio..well the old Trailer Barn Studio given a dust off and a new track recorded on the trusty old TOA recorder. http://www.muzines.co.uk/articles/toa-mr8t/2186 https://soundcloud.com/trailerstar/people-my-age-1 For People My Age…

Two new guitars…..like buses

Nothing for ages then I buy two in as many weeks…. First up was the 1974 Takahuru Japanese Martin D25 copy made by a violin maker…..which I love http://takeharuguitars.blogspot.com/2009/09/takeharu-acoustic-label_21.html then…